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We value the time, talent and treasure you have to give.  Join us in sharing the value you bring to those most in need of it.  We welcome you whether the period spans an event, a campaign or the duration of our mutual mission to equalize the platform of access to justice.     

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We welcome your willingness to support people who need you.       We welcome the time, talent and treasure you graciously share through us no matter the configuration.

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Volunteering helps communities while helping the volunteer. Spending time sharing skills with the people we serve also opens avenues for self development.  We happily share capacity building and other resources that sharpen the capacities you possess. 

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You can support the good work done in myriad ways.  If you have the capacity to sponsor an event, campaign or even participation by a community member, feel free to share those details with us.

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Support is always needed and the value of what you share is always appreciated.  Get in touch so we can keep raising the value added to the lives most in need of it.

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