Justice is a Right not a Privilege


Food Drive

Walk with us in the support of the vulnerable who treat with many challenges on the road to justice.  We support the acquisition of meals and other food items that help ensure tomorrow is a more certain space of comfort.  

The road to justice isn’t always a short or smooth one.  Partner with us today for a more equitable and fair society tomorrow. 

Legal Clinic

The health of society is gauged by the response to those who have least access to remedy.  We work to limit access challenges to justice on multiple fronts, 

Restorative Justice 

Restorative Justice is in large part about providing opportunities to ensure that the effects of  damage done by injustice are reset and people who’ve been hurt are made whole.


Helping societies learn their rights is strong tool towards increasing equity.  Step by step lets learn new tools to ensure fairness and democracy.

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